About Us

Makyaj Engineering, whose staff consists of Engineers and Experts who have served as supervisor in Global and Corporate companies in the Health Sector for many years; was established to provide quality and faster service whenever needed in the field of maintenance and repair to be a solution partner with a competitive price principle and to add value by establishing long-term relationships to local and foreign companies which are operating in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Products, Bio-technology, Food, Food Supplements, Cosmetics and Chemistry

In line with this purpose, we enable our business partners to focus more on their main fields of activity instead of the workforce they will spend on machine and system efficiency, and enable them to reach a stronger and more competitive position in their sectors.

Thanks to the business experience and knowledge we have gained over long years of work, we know very well the situation, needs, expectations and requirements of our business partners with whom we are solution partners. We are at your service with a strong supply chain system, especially to reduce production losses and foreign dependency.

Our basic philosophy is to meet the demands of our business partners at the planned time without compromising on quality, with a service approach focused on the principle of satisfaction and continuity.